Mindfulness Challenge

Mindfulness Challenge

Join me in these 7 days of mindfulness, workouts and delicious recipes!

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Mindfulness Challenge
  • May Challenge Introduction

    Come join me for these next 7 days as we focus on mindfulness and wellbeing.

  • Introduction to Jessica Stone

    Jessica Stone is such a force and has played such an important role in my life. I am so excited to share her gift with you all.

  • Meal Prep for Mindfulness

    12.4 MB

    Explore this e-book and find daily eating challenges to implement throughout these next 7 days along with some of Gathered Nutrition's exclusive seasonal recipes.

  • Day 1- 40min Full Body Hustle

    We’re so excited to kick off Day 1 of our challenge with this full body workout. We’ll feel the burn and work up a sweat with 40 minutes of movement, including a warm up and cool down. Get to know all your muscle groups as you smash out squats, weighted lateral lunges, and hammer curls, before mo...

  • Manifestation Meditation

    Connect with yourself and your inner goals with this manifestation meditation.

  • Day 2- 40min Inner Thigh Burnout

    Grab yourself a pair of dumbbells and get ready to burn your lower body. This session will work your inner thighs with sumo squats, calf raises, frog climbers, and more spicy movements. We’ll keep things interesting with a mix of standing work, floor work, and a 5 minute burner to end.


  • Compassion and Forgiveness Meditation

    Short and sweet, you’ll take a moment to stop and work through the roadblocks you may be experiencing in your life. We think you’ll feel more under control after taking a moment to complete this mediation.

  • Day 3- 40min Arms & Abs of Steel

    It’s Day 3 of our May Challenge and time to give your upper body some love! We’ll wake up our body with a quick warm up before heading into a serious upper body pump with a side of sore abs. Expect mountain climbers, push ups, hammer curls, and more.

    Equipment: 5-15lbs Dumbbells, Ankle weights...

  • Energy Cleanse Meditation

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed, flustered, or just have all the feels, this meditation is a perfect tool to keep in your back pocket. Only 5 minutes long, Jessica will take you through a sequence to help clear out your energy.

  • Day 4 - 40 Min HIIT it to the Max

    Ready to take it up a notch? While only 9 exercises, this is a high intensity, full body burner that will leave you seriously sweaty. 3 rounds, 45 seconds on and just 15 seconds of rest, push yourself to the max with skater hops, banded squat walks, deadlifts, and more. You’ve got this!


  • Self Love Meditation

    Add some love back to yourself with this active meditation — meaning your eyes will be open and you can move your body. Perfect for those who are just getting into the groove of meditation.

  • Day 5- 40 Minute Booty Boot Camp

    It’s time for one of my favorite workouts — a booty burn! Stay in it as you smash out single leg hip thrusts, frog pumps, sumo squats, and more. This workout is all about isolated exercises that aim for the glutes, with a booty burner to end. You’ll feel this one tomorrow.

    Equipment: 8-25lbs Du...

  • Connecting to Your Intuition

    Connect with your true self in this manifestation meditation.

  • Day 6- 20min Keep it Mellow and Flow

    You’ve made it to Day 6 of our challenge! This 20 minute full body flow is designed to help you recover from the previous days spent working those muscles. We’ll slow down and stretch, while still toning and grooming your full body. You deserve this!

    No equipment needed. Optional ankle weights.

  • Calm Mind Meditation

    A 5 minute guided meditation to help you in those moments when your mind is racing and just doesn’t want to switch off. I love to pop this sequence on before I go to sleep to unwind, however you can also do this as an active meditation on the go.

  • Day 7- 20min Fired Up Core

    You’ve made it to the final day of our challenge! We’ll end strong with 20 minutes of core domination, with exercises like russian twists, high knees, and toe taps. Get to know all of your muscle groups as we separate the core into lower, upper, and oblique work with minimal rest in between movem...

  • Grounding and Reset Meditation

    This short and simple meditation will help you to slow down your mind and bring you back to the present.