Relax and recenter with these quick and easy meditations by Jessica Stone. Pick which meditation you feel you're needing that day!

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  • Connecting to Your Intuition

    Connect with your true self in this manifestation meditation.

  • Introduction to Jessica Stone

    Jessica Stone is such a force and has played such an important role in my life. I am so excited to share her gift with you all.

  • Manifestation Meditation

    Connect with yourself and your inner goals with this manifestation meditation.

  • Energy Cleanse Meditation

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed, flustered, or just have all the feels, this meditation is a perfect tool to keep in your back pocket. Only 5 minutes long, Jessica will take you through a sequence to help clear out your energy.

  • Calm Mind Meditation

    A 5 minute guided meditation to help you in those moments when your mind is racing and just doesn’t want to switch off. I love to pop this sequence on before I go to sleep to unwind, however you can also do this as an active meditation on the go.

  • Self Love Meditation

    Add some love back to yourself with this active meditation — meaning your eyes will be open and you can move your body. Perfect for those who are just getting into the groove of meditation.

  • Grounding and Reset Meditation

    This short and simple meditation will help you to slow down your mind and bring you back to the present.

  • Compassion and Forgiveness Meditation

    Short and sweet, you’ll take a moment to stop and work through the roadblocks you may be experiencing in your life. We think you’ll feel more under control after taking a moment to complete this mediation.