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WEEK 2 DAY 6 • 4m 8s

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    Use a Barbell with moderate weight, as you lower, hinge your hips keeping a neutral spine, engage your core & pull the bar back up to standing position.

    Weight Recommendations:

    Beginner: Try just the bar first or dumbbells
    Intermediate: 10-25lb plates on each side of the barbell
    Advanced: 30-55...

  • LEG PRESS (4X12)

    Find a weight that challenges you, but allows you to keep proper form. Engage your core, slowly drop into a squat, keeping your core engaged & push through your heels. Make sure not to fully lock out your legs.

    Weight Recommendations:

    Beginner: 10-20lbs on each side
    Intermediate: 25-55lb plates...

  • LAT PULL DOWN (4X10)

    Grab the bar with your palms facing forward, as you pull, slightly lean back to pull the bar into your chest & make sure to engage your lats & your core throughout the movement!

    Weight Recommendations:

    Beginner: 5-20lbs
    Intermediate: 25-45lbs
    Advanced: 50-90+ lbs