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WEEK 2 DAY 1 • 24s

Up Next in WEEK 2 DAY 1


    Start standing with weights in hand. Step back into a reverse lunge but step slightly diagonal. Stand back to starting position & keep repeating on one leg or do them alternating!

    Weight Recommendations:

    Beginner: 5-10lbs
    Intermediate: 12-30lbs
    Advanced: 35-50+ lbs

    Modification: do these with ...


    Plant the supporting foot on the floor, engage your core, and lift the working leg to the side. Try to your hips facing forward & squared. Focus on the mind-muscle connection in your glutes and abductors. Do all on one side, then switch to the other side.

    Weight Recommendations:

    Beginner: 5-10l...


    Circuit: (45 second work / 20 second rest) 2x
    - Alternating Rev. Lunge Pulses
    - Fire Hydrants
    - “
    - Bear crawl ins
    - Candle stick leg lifts
    - Glute Bridge Hold

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