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WEEK 2 DAY 1 • 20s

Up Next in WEEK 2 DAY 1

  • HIP THRUSTS (4X10)

    Use a barbell. Support upper back on a bench/ thrust machine, press through your heels to drive your glutes up to a tabletop position, then slowly return back down.

    Weight Recommendations:

    Beginner: Try just the bar first or dumbbells
    Intermediate: 15-25lb plates on each side of the barbell


    Start with your upper back on the bench/box, plant your feet in the floor hip width apart and slightly step forward with one foot, the forward foot will be the "balancing" foot and the foot behind it will be the "working" foot. Engage your core and glutes as you press your hips up to about a tabl...

  • DUMBBELL RDLS (4x12)

    Start standing with dumbbells in each hand and feet shoulder width apart, engage your core, hinge your hips back & glide the dumbbells down to about middle-of-shin height, keeping your spine neutral. As you stand back up, squeeze your glutes and hamstrings.

    Weight Recommendations:

    Beginner: 10...