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WEEK 4 DAY 5 - LOWER BODY • 5m 22s

Up Next in WEEK 4 DAY 5 - LOWER BODY


    Sit into a regular back squat but at the bottom hold for 3 seconds, squeezing your core & glutes tight as you breath, then stand up and repeat.

    Weight Recommendations:

    Beginner: Try just the bar first or dumbbells
    Intermediate: 10-25lb plates on each side of the barbell
    Advanced: 30-55lb plates...


    Hold a dumbbell in front of your chest. Step forward and slowly lower into a lunge, keeping your knee in line with your ankle, making sure not to slam your back knee on the floor, push the weight through the floor to stand back up. Do all on one side first, or alternating.

    Weight Recommendations...

  • STEP UPS (4x10)

    Hold dumbbells in your hands, step one foot on the box or bench and press through your heel to step up, slowly step back down and repeat - you can do all on one side or switch back and forth between legs.

    Weight Recommendations:

    Beginner: Bodyweight-7lbs
    Intermediate: 10-25lbs
    Advanced: 30-45+ ...