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WEEK 3 DAY 6 • 3m 41s

Up Next in WEEK 3 DAY 6

  • SEATED ROW (4X12)

    Sit up tall with a flat back / engaged core & and pull your elbows back toward your hipbones pinching your shoulder blades together & squeezing your back muscles the whole time. Slowly return to starting position.

    Weight Recommendations:

    Beginner: 10-15lbs
    Intermediate: 20-45lbs
    Advanced: 50-90...

  • SUMO RDL (4X12)

    Start in a wide stance with toes pointed slightly diagonal. Hold a kettlebell, engage your core, hinge your hips back and lower the weight toward the middle of your shins, keep your back flat & weight in your glutes/hamstrings as you stand back up.

    Weight Recommendations:

    Beginner: 5-10lbs

  • STEP UPS (3X10)

    Hold dumbbells in your hands, step one foot on the box or bench and press through your heel to step up, slowly step back down and repeat - you can do all on one side or switch back and forth between legs.

    Weight Recommendations:

    Beginner: Bodyweight-7 lbs
    Intermediate: 10-25lbs
    Advanced: 30-65+...